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 Ivy Bridge Reviews

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PostSubject: Ivy Bridge Reviews    Ivy Bridge Reviews  I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 25, 2012 10:34 am

So has Intel supplied us with another top-notch CPU ? Sadly it appears to be no :)

Ivy Bridge Reviews  Ivy-chip

From what I can tell its Sandy Bridge but smaller :) Well in most benchmarks Ivy does appear to take the lead as you would expect but its not a out right victory, yes its great if you need that extra performance but if you need the horsepower id suggest something form Intel's 2011 CPUs

It also gives little room for overlooking with just a few volts anything over 4.7ghz and beyond your chip is going to get crispy fast so you will need a good cooler furthermore I see no reason to upgrade from SB to IB the PCI 3.0 appears to make no difference as games don't use that etra bandwidth

Ivy Bridge Reviews  Graph-12

tbh i would stick to what you have now or upgrade to SB

The Good -

Superb quad-core performance
Outstanding Quick Sync transcoding
Class-leading power consumption
IGP can drive three displays
Improved graphics ( you can get 2 more frames on crysis now !!)

The Bad -

Not a huge step up from Sandy Bridge
Average overclocking potential on air

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PostSubject: Re: Ivy Bridge Reviews    Ivy Bridge Reviews  I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 25, 2012 9:01 pm

I was kinda interested when i heard that Ivy bridge would be on the 1155 socket,
i thought those 3D transistors would be a revolutionary step forward, but i guess
it wasn't, maybe they will find better use for them on their next new microarchitecture.

Tick Tock

My i5 2500k has plenty of life left, it would be a waste since it wouldn't be much
of a big upgrade. They have some good prices with performance a little better
than those in the same range of sandy bridge CPUs. So it wouldn't be bad for
someone who is ready for a big upgrade.

I'm surprised that the new HD 4000 is on par with AMD's A8 APU, not that its any
good for gaming but i just didn't expect it. Trinity is coming tho so it won't be much
of a big deal soon.

Nice overview mike
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Ivy Bridge Reviews
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