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 New PlayStation Dengeki Interviews

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PostSubject: New PlayStation Dengeki Interviews   Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:03 am
zeromcd73 wrote:
New PlayStation Dengeki Interviews:

Horiyuki Kobayashi (Capcom)
- Several games will be both announced and released in 2015

Kazuma Kujou (Granzella)
- A new Disaster Report game is coming in Autumn. Also, two titles coming for PS Vita, and a brand new action adventure game for PS4

Hashimoto Yusuke (Platinum Games)
- A new title is currently in progress

Kazutoshi Sekiguchi (Koei)
- Toukiden will continue evolving in 2015 (*previous interview earlier this year pretty much stated it would also be coming to home consoles)

Makoto Osaki (Sega)
- Unannounced game currently in development

Keiichi Toyama (SCEJ)
- It's been a long time since new information about the new Gravity Daze has surfaced, but people will understand immediately why when they see new footage

CAPCOM to release a tonne of games in 2015
SFV, SFV:Ultimate, SFV:Gold Edition, SFV:Super, SFV:Super Ultimate, Monster Hunter: Dancing Felynes Unite!

Granzella working on 2 new Vita titles, a new Disaster Report, and a new Action Adventure for PS4
Interested in seeing what the Vita titles are...

Platinum Games working on new title
VANQUISH 2 please. :3

Toukiden will continue evolving
Probably more PS4 stuff

New SEGA game in development

Surprise incoming for Gravity Rush 2?
Hopefully it stays Vita exclusive.

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New PlayStation Dengeki Interviews
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